Verdera Media

Verdera Media is a multimedia publishing company based in BC Canada. Its vision is to produce print on demand and interactive multi touch publications on culinary and cultural adventure travel.

About the Publishers

For almost 20 years, independent travelers, Julie & Neville, have wandered to many places, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. They seek out destinations where they can enjoy and appreciate the culture, cuisine, history, and traditions.

Events and Announcements

Verdera Media is pleased to announce the release of A Coffee Lover's Guide to Victoria: Great Eats, Drinks, and Sights to Discover. A Lover's Guide to Victoria is an interactive multi touch eGuide designed for the Apple iPad and iPad mini. To learn more or purchase this book please visit A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Victoria at the Apple iBookstore or click on the Apple iBookstore icon below.

For sales, distribution and media inquiries, please contact: verderamedia <at>

multimedia publishing on culinary and cultural adventure travel

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