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An Italian Odyssey: One Couple's Culinary & Cultural Pilgrimage  

An Italian Odyssey is a story about a midlife couple who embarks on a great adventure — walking 1,000 km on the Via Francigena, an ancient, elusive medieval pilgrim trail through the heart of Italy. 

Historically, the Via Francigena was a broad network of trails originating in ancient Francia, an ever-changing backbone of Roman and medieval roads leading to Rome. Today, unlike the Camino de Santiago in Spain, only a few hundred people have walked the entire Via Francigena through Italy during the past decade. It is a barely discovered, obscure, and sometimes challenging trail to navigate. 

The couple’s initial plan was to walk and eat their way through Italy using their own homemade guide and map books. But their adventure takes on a life of its own as they face unexpected challenges. With both themselves and each other, they struggle with the constant physical and emotional demands and outcomes of navigating an arduous route that is not well signed. 

But with dollops of Roman and medieval history, a dash of contemporary culture, plenty of sensual food and wine, and gracious Italian hospitality, they also share many romantic and magical moments. Only after they endure sweat, tears, and frustration, when the strange concoction comes to a boil and the flavours and juices ooze out, do they realize and discover the true meaning of their journey.   

In the end, An Italian Odyssey is a classic bittersweet tale of the couple’s experience of walking and eating through Italy — a unique culinary and walking pilgrimage.  An Italian Odyssey will appeal to readers who love all things Italian, its history, culture, and food, and those who like traveling and walking. 

Readers will also appreciate the rewards and discoveries that come about from tackling real life challenges and struggles. It is a story that combines a great adventure of personal growth, individually and as a couple, with the backdrop of Italian history, contemporary culture, food, and wine.

Buon viaggio! 


The Camino: A Walk Through Spain

‘The Camino’ is a personal account and visual photographic journal of walking Europe’s most popular pilgrimage trail in Spain. The trail simply known as the Camino, but accurately known as the Camino Frances, is a 1,000 year old pilgrim path. It is one of many Christian pilgrim paths that terminate in the city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where according to legend, are the remains of the Apostle Saint James. Today nearly 200,000 people each year, from all backgrounds and throughout the world, make the pilgrimage to Santiago. 

‘The Camino’ was written by a two-time veteran of the Camino and a middle-aged independent traveller who has walked a total of four different pilgrimage trails in Europe. The author first walked the route in 2007 with his wife, departing from the small French town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, nestled at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains, arriving in Santiago de Compostela nearly five weeks later. They are both “foodies” and they took their time to experience the cultural elements and culinary delights while walking across northern Spain. In 2011, the author returned to walk the Camino alone, and continued beyond Santiago to the coastal town of Finisterre by way of Muxia (895 kilometers in total). His thoughts and images from this latest journey are the basis of this book.

This interactive multi touch eBook shares the author’s personal experiences that are unique to this type of walking adventure, along with the social and community elements that define the Camino. To assist you with your preparations, the book includes an interactive online map of the route taken by the author, and relevant information on a variety of subjects, such as accommodation, food, what to take, signage, and history. At the end of this eBook is a brief list of resources and websites for additional information. 

‘The Camino’ is a useful innovative resource for people who are considering walking the Camino for the first time, and for those who have walked it before, and want to relive their own personal Camino adventure. 

By no means can the experience of walking the Camino be captured in a single book. It is a special experience and you will discover it is unique for each person, and uniquely different each time.

Buen Camino

In Victoria—Bench by Bench, Rebecca Kennel takes you on her journey of discovery in and around spectacular Victoria, British Columbia. Visit historic sites and gardens; cemeteries and viewpoints; shipyards and restored creeks. Using pieces of local history and personal reflections, she introduces you to over 60 benches and inspires curiosity and creativity.

Whether you are here for a day, have lived here all your life, or wish you were here this delightful interactive guidebook will be a rich multimedia experience and you will gain a unique perspective of Victoria.

This interactive guidebook includes more than 100 full colour photographs and more than a dozen local and regional interactive maps to guide you around Victoria. At each location, interactive pop overs provide you with directions including address and GPS coordinates. There is a resource section with useful tips and links to websites on the history, and tourist and transportation information such as the Harbour Ferry, Hop-on Hop-off, and city bus stops, where to park your car or bike, locations of public toilets, places to eat and drink, and wheelchair accessibility.


Rebecca Kennel has uncovered the little gems of paradise that encourage you to stop and smell the roses. Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, discover the best places to sit and reflect in beautiful Victoria.

Julie Salisbury, Founder, InspireABook

I want this book for my own explorations and to give to every guest that comes to visit Victoria. In Victoria—Bench by Bench, Rebecca introduced me to wonderful areas that I had not visited in my 16 years in the city. Thank you Rebecca for this guide to lesser known beauty spots in Victoria and for sharing your own journey of exploration.
Esther Hart, author, speaker, coach

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